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Mom & Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming Lessons

Babies from 6 Months old

This is the best way to introduce your baby to water, to build their own self confidence and learn to love the water. The baby swimming lessons offer water awareness and water safety, in an environment where both parent and infant can have loads of fun together in and under the water.

A baby swimming class is the perfect opportunity to bond` with your baby of any age. Starting your baby swimming before they are 12 months old will ensure they are more confident in the water. These are generally group baby sessions, with a maximum of 8 babies in each class.  Baby swimming classes are 30 minutes each. Aquatic Kids offer spacious changing rooms with baby changing mats.

Swim School

Our main focus is water safety!

Should a child fall into the water accidentally, this will give them the confidence and skill to get to side of the pool safely. After this stage, we then start training the children in beginner strokes. This lays a very good foundation for every child in the 4 swimming strokes namely: long arms (freestyle), backstrokefroggie (breaststroke) and butterfly.

For the child who is naturally gifted and potentially the next Olympic swimmer for South Africa, the foundation will be strong and solid. For every other child, they will complete their training with Aquatic kids as being confident in the water, with a love for swimming and ready for the next stage. We are passionate about what we do and desire to see every child water safe with a love for swimming!